noun  | syn-apse | {'si-naps}

The process of how specialized neurons pass signals and communicate to individual target cells.


Synapse becomes that connection between manufacturer and dealer.  We grow the business for our manufacturers and connect our dealers with superior brands to grow their business.

Synapse is a representative firm with strong roots in the CEDIA channel and the people that make up Synapse have a proven track record of success with the manufacturers they represent.  


We believe that the support we provide our dealers in training, project specification, job walk-through, and technical support creates additional business and more profitable projects for them, in turn it creates sales growth for our manufacturers.  

Dan Thompson

Principal/ Partner

Dan has been in the industry for 24 years and has worked many different sides of consumer electronics including sales, management any buying.
For the last 12 years Dan has   been a manufacturer's representative. From an ownership roll,  he manages employees, drives sales goals and is dedicated to growing the business of the manufacturers we represent

Rik Patrick

Principal/ Partner

Rik brings 20+ years of experience in the Consumer Electronics and Custom Installation industry. Serving the myriad roles ranging from customer service, system design, programmer, trainer, sales and management; Rik provides a wealth of knowledge to grow businesses and help all parties succeed in accomplishing their goals.

Aaron Fantasma 


Aaron has been working in the AV world in a Sales and/or Management role for both residential and commercial dealers since 2007. Aaron also brings an extensive technical knowledge of A/V, Automation and Networking. His new role for Synapse will be a sales position working with our dealers to grow their business by utilizing our products and solutions. 

Sandra McMann

Customer Service

Sandra comes with over 15 years of client relationship experience and serves as the go to person for assistance with day to day operations and issue resolution.  Her friendly manner ensures that everyone receives the high level of service they deserve.